''Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude''

Our company has grown several different crops over the years,  but currently specialise in veg boxes and fruit boxes. As you can imagine we have grown a taste for fresh fruit and vegetables over the years, but every time we go shopping in the supermarkets we always end up asking ourselves one simple question. How fresh really is the fruit and veg that we see on the supermarket shelves? Answer… It’s not as fresh as the supermarkets would like us all to think it is. From the produce leaving the farm to getting onto the supermarket shelf, it can take up to 48 hours and in many cases even longer. After that, it could have been sat there for a further 3 days before you even put it into your basket. Ever wondered why the fruit and veg you buy from a supermarket perish so quickly?

It doesn’t seem right that we as the customer are not getting the freshest and tastiest veg that we can so with this in mind, We decided to launch The Veg Box UK Company. Here at The Veg Box UK, we believe that getting the freshest, tastiest and most delicious fruit, veg and salad should be simple. It is our passion to make sure that we deliver the best fruit and vegetables right to your door.  We buy directly from the farms local to ourselves including using the family farms own produce. Some items do come from further afield as we find that the climate in Lancashire isn’t quite right to grow bananas.